I am a German photographer, whose main focus is sensual portraiture and beauty photography.


I have started photography many years ago with a Canon SLR and a b/w-home-laboratory. Since then it has grown to my biggest passion, and I spend a lot of my limited time on it.

Photography is a hobby to me, not a business. Whereas I aspire to produce professional results and continuously learn more and develop my creativity.

Two or three times per year I also do attend workshops or model sharings anywhere in Germany. Some of my pictures were taken at such occasions.

I am grateful to my models and those other photographers who not only taught me how to capture beauty in a picture but still inspire me.

One of my objectives is that my models do like the pictures that I take. Sometimes this means more natural portrait style, sometimes it is more a beauty shot.

I am using pro-level gear (Canon EOS 5D Mark IV and 5D Mark III)  and software, and its capabilities exceed mine for sure.

If I do like a model's look, no matter what age or gender, I am happy to jointly develop an idea and make an appointment.

Shootings happen based on TfP with standard model release. Exceptions may prove this rule if higher efforts are to be made by either party.

All pictures shown on this website are protected by copyright law and must not be copied, modified, published or used in any other way without my upfront, written permission.