It's been a while since my last post here... busy times. In the meanwhile I had a couple of very nice shootings. In case you follow me on e.g. Facebook you have seen outdoor pictures of two blonde beauties, Lisa & Tina, which I took in my hometown around our theatre (great spot). In the same week, on Sunday 28th of September, I had a Home/Lifestyle-Shooting with Mary in her apartment, assisted by her girlfriend Lisa. That was a funny afternoon and the results are great! 

A pregnancy shooting  planned for 23rd of November had to be postponed, but I made the best of it and went shooting with my usual assistant Mia.
And - though she's only 15 years old and more or less new to modelling - we've taken some gorgeous pictures like the one below in downtown Erfurt!

Finally the pregnancy shooting happened on last Saturday in my house, and it was an awesome experience! Eva is a beautiful, experienced model, and her boyfriend Sascha is nothing less but a great male model. No doubt he's spending a lot of time in the gym... unlike me :-)

As you see, I've had my challenges in the meanwhile, actually I am still not completely done with processing the pictures from September... shame on me! Last but not least, I have sold some unused gear on eBay, the "Nifty-Fifty" Canon EF 50/1.4, my Tamron 24-70 2.8VC and the EOS 7D which I bought last year used on eBay. But of course the money was re-invested (with little uplift) - a brand-new EOS 7D Mark II found its place in my kit. That's now an even better companion to the 5D Mark III than the old 7D, and with the EF-S 18-135 STM it is now my "travel light" kit, together with one of the 600-RT flashes and maybe the Sigma Art 35/1.4.
All together fits in a hiking waist bag.

Next to come? Processing pictures from the recent shootings, a family wedding on 27th of December, and the next shooting on January 18th. Btw, in case you are interested in looking at more pictures of my models or want to see the EXIFs of my photographs, please follow the links on the "Contact" page to Facebook, Model-Kartei.de or Fotocommunity.de (here are the EXIFs shown). In those other communities I usually place links to my model's pages in the social networks.