It's June now...

Some months have passed by, busy both in private and business. Lot's of travelling including the US and Japan have left little room for photography.

But, a few shootings I could manage, and here I'd like to share some of the pretty outcome with you. It starts with Jana, a young lady from Eisenach. We've had a very nice outdoor shooting there in late March, on a sunny but rather cold day.


The next one actually was an underwater-shooting organized by a friend. We are both scuba-divers, and had a chance to shoot in a big, public swimming pool on a very, very early Sunday morning in late April. As I only have uw-housing and flash for my old Powershot G11, and it was the first uw-model-shooting for all of us, I am not publishing a lot of these pictures. It was more for practising than anything else. But here's Julia for you to get an idea...

The next shooting happened on May 4th, when I was able to combine a business trip with shooting my favourite model Tamara. We met in Düsseldorf on a Monday evening in the "Medienhafen" (Media Harbour), and it was as exciting as always when I have her in front of my camera :-) She's cut her beautiful long hair in the meanwhile, but she's beautiful no matter what the hair cut is. Here's an example:

And, the last shooting until today was with Kathleen again, the long-legged blonde you may have already seen in my portfolio. Last time we were shooting at her home, but on 25th of May we took a walk through my home town Erfurt.

Now, what's next? One more shooting in June, I'll go to Hamburg with one of my first models (Julia) to shoot in a hotel and in the harbour area. A young girl from Erfurt in early July, and then we go on summer vacation. But two shootings and a workshop are already in the pipeline for August, so stay tuned for more pictures.

Finally, there's no news on the equipment side, though I have more or less decided to buy the Canon 24-70 f2.8 L II asap :-)