2017 comes to its end

I didn't shoot that much in total this year, as usual. 15 own shootings with models, plus one workshop held by Boris Bethge, to widen my horizon. But in photography as in other arts, it is not quantity that matters! I am really glad many of "my" models came again to shoot with me, and I really enjoy the results that we produced. It was getting a little bit more sensual over time, though I still don't do real nude pictures for family reasons.

I am now looking forward to 2018. the first 3 shootings are already planned in January and February, with Rebecca one more time and two models I haven't worked with yet. That's gonna be a good start into the photography year. 

Here's one of those "Best 9" that have become popular on Instagram, mine for 2017.

Best 9 2017_MK.jpg