Good start into 2018

In photographic terms I had a really pleasant start into the new year! It started in January with Rebecca. I think it was our 7th shoot overall, but the 1st time I went to her home near Rüdesheim am Rhein. We also had the Fashion Designer Sabrina Vogel and Make-Up Artist Hanna Nikolayenko (who is a beautiful model too...) joining the crew. A long, exhausting day (300 km drive in the morning and back in the evening), but the results justify every effort! We went from Portrait to Fashion to Beauty to Lingerie, indoors, outdoors, available light and flash, incredible range, great pictures!


Later in January Anna visited me again (one of the several Annas :-), and we did some great window portraits as well as some lingerie, her first time ever! Job well done, I'd say!

KN6A5278 COL FB.jpg

And just recently, mid of February, I visited Martina in Berlin for a Home and Hotel Shoot, which was great! She's a beautiful person and mind, great expression, just lovely!

KN6A5896 BW MK.jpg

Oh... and not to forget my first ever baby belly shoot with enchanting Julia! More a private thing, but I am grateful for her trust in me! If I get permission, I'll show a pic or two, most likely in the Lingerie-gallery.

As usual, there are some models waiting for appointments, new ones and beloved known friends. I am looking forward to each of them!